7 Things Business Owners with Extra Time on Their Hands Should Start Doing Today

This post was written in a 15-minute freewriting session. Sorry for errors or incomplete thoughts. See the livestream replay here. For more from me, please take my Skillshare course on Startup Content: Writing You Need When Starting A Small Business.

Entrepreneurs are busy. One thing few of us have extra of is time. But does that have to be the case?

In the technology-driven world we live in, there’s no shortage of tools aimed at increasing our productivity and designed to help us to work smarter instead of harder. So if we clear some tasks and responsibilities off of our plates, or if we have a couple of extra hours available in our week, what should we fill that time with? For those four or five entrepreneurs in the world who have this problem, this blog post, created during a 15-minute freewriting session, goes out to you!

  • Create Additional Revenue Streams

There are an unlimited number of things to worry about as a business owner. One of my top fears is what happens if the core offering I provide is no longer valued as much as it once ways (what if I’m fired)? For years, I’ve thought about creating additional revenue streams, but haven’t made the time to create them. That stopped earlier this year as I made an intentional effort to create several small streams.

Look for ways to earn revenue for years to come based on the skills, expertise, and brand you have today. I’ve started selling stock images I’ve taken, recorded videos and started a YouTube channel, created a course on Skillshare, and am looking into publishing an eBook later this year. I started by searching on Google for “recurring revenue streams” to get ideas, and then went with a few of the ideas I thought would best fit my skills and what I like doing (writing, sharing what I know, etc.).

  • Freewrite

This will seem odd and biased since I’m a writer and you’re probably not, but freewriting has opened up a lot of doors inside my mind that were previously closed. By taking 15 minutes to write each morning, I’ve been able to clear my head and get ready to work hard each day. Paired with a cup of coffee, it’s made me downright dangerous (not really, but I like thinking so).

Try clearing some time to just right whatever is on your mind. This is a great way to tap into your creativity and get out some thoughts and ideas that have been hiding for years.

  • Livestream

Believe it or not, people are interested in what you do every day. Have you considered streaming what you do? Right now, I’m writing this post in front of a very small number of people, but this post and the recording of this stream will be available for years to come. Will it be popular? No, but creative and productivity streaming is on the rise, and getting in on this trend now could be valuable, just like being one of the early YouTubers a decade or so ago.

  • Take Intentional Breaks

Use your free time to take walks, explore your surroundings, and to see the world. New opportunities, ideas, friends and more are all out there waiting for you.

I’ve started taking daily walks on a local nature trail, and have come up with new ideas and remembered things I wouldn’t have otherwise by giving myself and my brain a chance to breathe.

  • Meet Strangers

Unless you’re the life of the party, networking isn’t always that easy. While I love talking to entrepreneurs I know, putting myself around groups of people I don’t know can be stressful. Go out to coffee shops, co-working spaces, incubators, and just local businesses around you to introduce yourself and to get to know how and why they do what they do.

  • Build Your Social Media Channels

As an entrepreneur and writer who works with other entrepreneurs, the one thing I’ve heard more entrepreneurs reference when saying “I’ll get around to it one of these days” is social media. Start putting time into your social media channels. Building an audience is important, and even if it doesn’t lead to sales, if you build these channels right, they can lead to new contacts, leads, and raise the overall value of your brand.

  • Blog!

Another biased idea for you, but you should be writing! What you know is valuable, and the best and easiest way to get that out (video could be great too!) is by writing about it. Share your knowledge on your blog or start an account on Medium (or publish on LinkedIn).

Have a great day and congratulations on having a little bit of extra time on your schedule. Enjoy it!

Michael Luchies helps entrepreneurs and small businesses get noticed with their content, from website copy to developing an engaging blog their audience can’t ignore.

Michael is an entrepreneur and writer. He is the Founder of TrepRep, creator of Startup Content: Writing You Need When Starting a Small Business, Communications Manager for After School, Content Writer for Propllr, Content Advisor for Mavidea, Entrepreneur contributor, and TEDxNormal alum. Connect with Michael on Twitter and email Michael@TrepRep.com to turn your content marketing efforts into an effective investment that brings your customers closer to your business.




Entrepreneur, Writer, Sports Fan and Cryptocurrency Enthusiast. TrepRep Founder, TEDx Alum, Bethereum, Entrepreneur Mag, Scorum, and Steemit Contributor

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Michael Luchies

Michael Luchies

Entrepreneur, Writer, Sports Fan and Cryptocurrency Enthusiast. TrepRep Founder, TEDx Alum, Bethereum, Entrepreneur Mag, Scorum, and Steemit Contributor

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